Safe & Drug Free Schools

Springdale Public School District is committed to providing the leadership to keep youth safe, alcohol, tobacco and drug free. Programs to promote youth development, resiliency, buffers, protective factors, and assets are also part of this effort. Programs or activities will:

  • be based on an assessment of objective data, such as that obtained in implementation of the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (APNA), regarding the incidence of violence and illegal drug use in the schools and communities to be served.

  • be based on an established set of performance measures such as School Health Index (SHI), Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS), and APNA to ensure that schools and community to be served have a safe, orderly and drug free learning environment.

  • be based on scientifically based research demonstrating that the program to be used will reduce violence and illegal drug use. See Attachment A for detail district programs offered by school counselors and Attachment B for district health education programs.

  • be based on an analysis of the data, of the prevalence of risk factors, protective factors, buffers, assets, or other variables identified through APNA.

  • include meaningful and ongoing consultation with and input from parents through implementation of Springdale Public Schools Coordinated School Health Initiative.