Keith Fimple

Keith Fimple, Executive Director

The Springdale Public Schools District Athletic Department has a rich and proud history.
Conference and State Championships, as well as National rankings, are part of our historical resume.

The mission of Springdale Athletics is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive athletic program that fosters personal growth, promotes teamwork, and cultivates a culture of excellence. We strive to empower our student-athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the field, encouraging them to embrace sportsmanship, integrity, and a strong work ethic

Springdale Athletics is dedicated to promoting a sense of community, pride and unity by actively engaging students, parents, alumni, and the broader community in our athletic endeavors. We believe in fostering a strong partnership between athletes, coaches, families, and the community to enhance the overall experience and create a lasting impact.

With a focus on continuous improvement, we are committed to providing our student-athletes with the resources, facilities, and opportunities necessary for growth and achievement at the highest level of competition. We strive to develop athletes who not only excel in their chosen sports but also become well-rounded individuals who positively contribute to society.

Keith Fimple
Executive Director of Athletics
The Springdale Public Schools District

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Campus Responsibility:

Springdale High School, George Junior High, Lakeside Junior High

Sonora Middle School, J.O. Kelly Middle School

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Har-Ber High School, Central Junior High, Southwest Junior High

Helen Tyson Middle School, Hellstern Middle School

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