Bulldogs Rewards

SHS is excited to announce the start of the BULLDOG REWARDS Attendance Incentive Program.  Approximately every 2 weeks on a randomly selected day, principals will check attendance. If a student  went to every class on that day, including PrimeTime, then their name will be put into a drawing as part of the BULLDOG REWARDS Program.  One sophomore, one junior, and one senior will be selected.  Those three names will be put into a hat and one student will be selected to receive a $10 Sonic Gift Card. The other two students will receive a $5 Sonic Gift Card.  More details will be shared for the BIG GRAND PRIZE at the end of the semester!!!

The first winners of the BULLDOG REWARDS attendance program are Sophomore Loritha Jinna, Junior Juana Isabel Araujo, and Senior Christopher Barroso. These students were chosen at random from other students in their grade who had perfect attendance on the selected day, Wednesday, Sep. 4th. Loritha and Juana each received a $5 Sonic card. Christopher's name was selected from these three and he won a $10 Sonic Gift Card. Good attendance pays off... #SHShoutOut