The Transportation Department oversees 156 school buses, 186 drivers and four mechanics with a number of supervisors. District buses drive approximately 2.8 million miles per year on daily routing and special trips. Safety is the number one concern. District buses transport approximately 15,000 students to and from school per day.


It is the primary mission of the Springdale School's Transportation Department to provide a safe mode of transportation for the District's K-12 students to and from each of our schools, facilities, and District sponsored activities. Our secondary mission is to practice and reasonably maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of all of the District's bus routes and field trips.

School Bus Safety

  • Arrive at your stop 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • No horseplay or bad behavior while at the bus stop. And do not damage private property near the bus stop.

  • Do not cross a 4-lane or 3-lane street or highway to board a bus. Also, do not cross a busy 2-lane with heavy or fast moving vehicles A bus will stop on your side of the street.

  • If you have to cross a 2-lane street to board a bus, wait until the bus

    arrives to stop traffic before you cross.

  • Always cross in front of the bus where you can see the driver. And look

    left, right, left before you cross.

  • Know the danger zones. The bus

    driver cannot see you if you cannot see


  • Stay 5 giant steps from the bus

    until it comes to a complete stop and the

    driver signals you to enter.

  • When you get off the bus, do not linger on the street to check your


  • If something falls under the bus or near the bus, NEVER try to pick it up

    yourself. Tell the bus driver.

Info graphic on bus safety

Info graphic on bus safety