Leaders in Communications for the Region and the State!

The Springdale School District Communications Department works to enhance the image of our district and schools through public relations, event production, curriculum support, and serving as a liaison to the media. Additionally in cooperation with Career and Technical Programs and EAST Programs, the department assists educators and students of Springdale in the use of digital communications technology, communication tools, and other innovative resources. The goals of the District Communications Department are to:

  • Inform the public of the excellent education that occurs on a daily basis in the Springdale School District

  • Design and implement strategies to leverage media and create a measurable impact

  • Synergize the content creation process across multiple buildings toward a shared image and common goals

  • Facilitate and provide high-quality information and programming that enhances the image of Springdale Public Schools

  • Implement hands-on learning in multimedia for students while collaborating with partners and businesses to provide a seamless transition to a successful post-secondary life

  • Oversee a student-inclusive communications department that equips the community with positive reflections of activities in our schools

Communications Staff

Links & Resources


Springdale staff and students may access the Internal District Communications website for media content and other helpful resources (You must be logged in with your school email address to access the website).

Always Connected

In addition to working with local media representatives, the Springdale Public Schools Communications Department shares positive stories of students, teachers, and staff members through our the district website, our mobile app, and all major social media channels.

The department shares a variety of posts daily on each social media platform. All schools in Springdale also posts on their own social media pages- providing parents with photos of activities, information on upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved in school. The District social media channels provide community-wide updates and information relevant to all or most families in Springdale.

Follow Springdale on the platforms linked below to see more of the Springdale Schools story.

Share Your Springdale Story

If you would like to submit an idea for coverage on the official Springdale Schools Communications channels, please click the button below to open the submission form. This form may be used to submit ideas for photo, print, video and social media coverage for Springdale Public Schools. Requests are not a guarantee of coverage. All requests will be considered.

Public Relations

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A photo of Dr. Jared Cleveland

Ensuring Vital Messages Get to Staff, Students, and Families

The Communications team works all year to serve as the information bridge between District Administration and the communities of Springdale and Arkansas. In addition to highlighting the positive stories of Springdale Schools, Communications is on call at all times to ensure vital messages are delivered to the families of Springdale through a variety of sources at the earliest possible moment.

The Communications Department also conducts a series of routine mass media productions for community engagement and information purposes. Through regular direct video messages and open letters, Superintendent Dr. Cleveland speaks to staff, parents, and the businesses of Springdale. These video addresses are shared through email and social media.

Through YouTube, Springdale Schools also livestreams every school board meeting, making it possible for anyone with an internet connection to track and participate in the ongoing decision-making each month. Many athletic and fine arts events are also livestreamed regularly on the Springdale Public Schools YouTube channel.

Dr. Cleveland Direct Messages

A thumbnail from a video address from Dr. Jared Cleveland

Live School Board Meetings

An image from a school board meeting

Award-Winning Student Media

Students and a teacher accepting an award

District Studio Productions

The Communications Department staff produce some video content that highlights student/staff accomplishments, important news and events, as well as updates and important information.

In addition to regular video highlights on our social media channels, district staff produce two weekly shows intended for the Hispanic and Marshallese communities of Springdale. Cafecito + Charla features regular interviews with business owners of Springdale. And Marshallese TV covers information and topics relevant to the Marshallese community.

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A photo of a district media production

Videos for Social Media

District Video Productions Thumbnail

District Video Productions

Community Highlights

District Video Productions Thumbnail

Cafecito y Charla

Multilingual Outreach

District Video Productions Thumbnail

Marshallese TV

Student Video Productions

The Most Celebrated and Decorated Media Programs in the Midwest

Since 1994, the Springdale Public Schools media programs have been leaders in the state. Springdale Schools media students have earned an average of a 100 awards per year! TV and Video Production programs are offered at Springdale High School, Har-Ber High School, The Don Tyson School of Innovation, Central Junior High, Lakeside Junior High, and George Junior High. However, storytelling and broadcasting begins as early as Elementary School with weekly news shows and announcement programs. All student-created content of Springdale Schools has support and oversight from the district Communications Department.

The District Communications office works closely with teachers and classrooms to not only provide support and empower student media, but also to connect students with the industries of media production. Through business partnerships, student internships, and student-centered events such as The Ozark Media Arts Festival, students can meet with local industry leaders to build relationships and demonstrate their abilities.

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A photo of students in a media class

Bulldog TV

Bulldog TV Thumbnail

Springdale High School

Wildcat News

HBWN Thumbnail

Har-Ber High School

Phoenix News

Phoenix News Thumbnail

The Don Tyson School of Innovation

Springdale Today

Springdale Today Thumbnail

The Don Tyson School of Innovation

Hands-On Learning and a Service to the Community

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A student live streaming a choir performance

With support, training, and oversight from the Communications Department, each schools' staff have the option to get involved in livestreaming school events! Parents, students, and community members have instant and free access to many major Springdale athletic and fine arts events. These livestream broadcasts are available on televisions, computers, and phones and can be viewed live from anywhere in the world!

Springdale students gain hands-on experience producing many live events as camera operators, live directors, commentators, and more. Livestreams of sporting events are a regular fixture of our High School programs, but Junior High and even Middle School programs have been involved in broadcasting the events of their schools. The Communications Department also provides equipment and training to school staff that wish to record or livestream choir and band performances.


Film students of Springdale Schools have had the unparalleled distinction of operating as media staff for the two premiere Arkansas film festivals.

Partnerships are the cornerstone of our effort to provide students with opportunities and resources. The Springdale Schools Communications Department is proud to partner with the most influential local organizations in film, broadcast, and business. Springdale students are welcome to participate in many of these community partnerships, whether it be learning hands-on as staff of community broadcast events or working with industry professionals creating high-level media content for public outreach efforts.

A decorative images depicting all the organizations the Communications department has partnered with

A recap video of the 5th Annual Bentonville Film Festival, featuring camera work and interviews by Springdale students.

The 2019 recap of Fayetteville Film Fest, documented entirely by film students of Springdale Schools.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

McLarty Daniel

Tyson Foods

Walton Arts Center

Slim Chickens

Arvest Bank

Explore Springdale

Big O Tires

Schuber Mitchell Homes


Arkansas Broadcasters Association

Tyson Family Foundation

PAM Trucking

Taco's 4 Life


Sam’s Furniture

Information Resources for the Whole Community

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A photo of the district Technology and Innovation department

With the support and guidance of the Springdale Schools Technology and Innovation Department, the Communications Department helps oversee and maintain over 31 websites- one for each public school in Springdale.

The Technology and Innovation Department operates the web servers and databases that power the information resources on our websites and online services. The Communications Department helps to organize and design what is presented through official district information channels. Additionally district communications staff offer support for building-level staff on the operation and best practices of the communications tools available.

Apptegy, a technology partner of Springdale Schools, provides services and tools to our staff to maintain our websites. Springdale has been an exemplary client and web pages designed by our district staff have been used as a model for presentations to other school districts.

Destination Web Pages

Explore Springdale Schools

A screenshot of Explore Springdale Schools

An introductory tour designed to highlight what makes Springdale Schools special and what makes Springdale a great city!

Website Index

A screenshot of the District Website Index

A tool designed to help users find any web page on the district website, organized by categories and subcategories.

Apply Now

A screenshot of Apply Now

A welcome page designed to entice potential candidates for job offerings in Springdale Schools.

Enroll Now

A screenshot of Enroll Now

A page designed to present the documents, forms, and tools parents and students need to begin new enrollments.

ESL Department

A screenshot of the ESL Department Homepage

A page created by a partnership between the ESL and Communications Department. The page was commissioned to present multilingual resources for families and staff in a user-friendly way.

Staff Links

A screenshot of Staff Links

A website created by the Technology Department to provide bookmarks for major sites and services to which Springdale staff need routine access. Several pages were designed by Communications staff to provide a consistent visual language using simple shapes for quick identification.

Comm. Support

A screenshot of Staff Communications

A support website created by the Communications Department to share helpful tips and tutorials for the communications tools used by our staff. The site also contains links to media resources and forms for staff and students to gain access to paid media services.

Code Generators

A screenshot of Code Generators

A resource for staff that work on our school websites to utilize custom website elements designed by district staff. The generators are JavaScript applications that create HTML code based on user input.