Accelerated Programs

Springdale Schools strives to give our accelerated learners every educational benefit. Through our various programs, students benefit from tailored, individualized instruction in a safe and nurturing environment. Because of these programs, Springdale students are more prone to be involved in post secondary academic success, higher college placement, and employment satisfaction while also being exposed to higher levels of social and emotional learning. Also, our accelerated programs are not exclusive. Any Springdale Student could possibly find themselves in one or many of our programs. We never forget, All means all!

Our Accelerated Programs include:

  • K-1 Whole Group Enrichment

  • 2nd-5th Grade Send Out

  • 6th-7th Grade Cluster Classes

  • Duke TIP searches in the 7th Grade

  • Honors Challenge

  • G/T Seminar

  • Academies

  • Acceleration from one grade to another

  • School of Innovation

  • Junior Leadership in partnership with Springdale Chamber of Commerce

  • Pre-Advanced Placement

  • Advanced Placement

  • Concurrent College Courses

  • Virtual School Courses

  • iTime/Primetime/Real World Wednesdays

  • International Baccalaureate

  • ACT/SAT/PSAT Test Prep Seminars

Some of our Academic Competitions include:

  • Lemonade Wars

  • Shakespeare Festival

  • National History Day

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Robotics

  • Geography B

  • Spelling B

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Springdale College Career Readiness@mfotenopulos 


Photo of the Accelerated Programs members.

Photo of the Accelerated Programs members.

Photo of the Accelerated Programs members.