Staffing & Student Services

Springdale Public Schools’ Personnel Department is dedicated to customer service and strives to provide exceptional assistance and support for district personnel and the community. Our district works diligently to recruit, employ, and retain the highest quality personnel for all positions in the Springdale School District.

It is a source of great pride for our community that we are able to recruit and employ quality staff members for Springdale Public Schools. We have created a culture of excellence, and we look forward to having the opportunity to consider you for future employment!

The Interview Process

Principals and supervisors with a job vacancy will review the list of appropriate applicants and will screen the available candidates for interviews. The scanned documents in the applicant's online application will have a large impact on which candidates are selected for interview, so it is important to make sure your file is complete.

Once the interview process is completed and references have been checked, the principal or supervisor will recommend his or her top three (3) choices to the Deputy Superintendent for Personnel. A second interview will be required at this level for all certified applicants.

Because of the large volume of applications our office processes, it is important to note that it is impossible to interview everyone who submits an application. Please be patient - if you are not called for an interview for a particular position, your application is kept active for one year since vacancies can occur at any time. While we are glad to answer questions from applicants and be of assistance when we can, phone calls and e-mails to this office requesting interviews tend to slow the hiring process. Therefore, we respectfully request that you do not call or e-mail this office to request an interview.

Please remember that it is possible to be screened out for one position, but later be considered as a candidate for another position.

We would appreciate being notified if you accept a position elsewhere and no longer wish to have your application on file with us so we can inactivate your application. If you are not hired or called for an interview, it will be necessary for you to update and resubmit your application in order to keep your application active since it will automatically deactivate after one year. Be sure to correct any information that may have changed (last name, address, phone, work experience, etc.) when reactivating.

Again, thank you for your application and interest in the Springdale Schools.

We wish you every success in your career pursuits.

Personnel Documents and Files