Informing, Entertaining, and Engaging the Marshallese Community

Marshallese TV was established in 2013 as a platform to engage and inform the Marshallese community. The production is a collaboration between the Springdale Public Schools District Communications Department and ESL Department. The program highlights community events, entertainment options, cultural topics, and critical information.

One of the core principals behind the production of Marshallese TV is the concept: "If you can see it, you can be it." The goal is to highlight high-achieving members of the community in an effort to demonstrate the opportunities available to Marshallese students of Springdale Schools.

We upload episodes regularly on on the Springdale Public Schools YouTube channel and our Marshallese Facebook page, “Springdale School District ilo kajin Majol”.

Lomnak eo ilikin show in ej nan boktok juon jemlok nan kenanek Rimajol ro ilo jukjukin pad in ke rej mottan wot jikuul paamle eo. Ej barainwot kin manit ko ad im reinjuon jen droon. Jej konono ippan droon im ekatak jen droon bwe jen maron jela im melele elaplok kin droon.

Elon layer ko ie.  Kemij kadiwoj melele ko reaorok, kemij reach out nan jukjukin pad eo, kemij highlight i ta ko rekalimomo. Juon waan jonak ej “Elane komaron loe, komaron in erom juon eo ainwot,”  Elane kwoj loe juon rijikuul in Majol ej kadiwojlok im etal wot im college, ej kalikar juon melele eo nan jukjukin pad in ken ta juon emarone, ta emaron walok im bok jikin, ta enaaj boke bwe en maron tobare aolep men kein.

Kemij upload ilo Springdale Pablik Jikuul youtube peij eo im ilo Facebook peij eo naetan “ Springdale School District ilo kajin Majol”.

9 Years of Marshallese TV

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Almost a decade of Marshallese TV and related content has been produced, covering all aspects of life in Springdale

140+ Episodes & Specials

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Over 140 Marshallese TV Episodes and related Specials can be accessed online

Over 200,000 Views

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Marshallese TV has been viewed over 200,000 times from all over the world, including the Marshall Islands!

Season 4


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Ep110: Marshallese Oral Storytelling

Bubu (Grandma) Shine Bolkiem tells two traditional Marshallese stories to students from Sonora Middle School. Stephanie Takamaru, who was also involved in this said, "Shine has been determined to help preserve the Marshallese traditions and cultures by getting involved with the community whenever she is needed, whether it’s by storytelling or teaching the younger generation about the importance of preserving our heritage.”

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Ep109: Summer School Information

Ejbad Langbata, a Marshallese parent liaison gives us important information on Summer School in Marshallese.

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Ep108: Collaborative Team Meetings

Information on Collaborative Team Meetings in Marshallese from Anita Iban.

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Ep107: What Does It Mean To Be a SOAR Student?

Ms. Frankye Koontz and her students talk about the importance of SOAR. They even tell us what they love about it!

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Ep106: "Nuclear Remembrance, Through the Eyes of the Marshallese" - Litokwa Tomeing

Marshallese Tv interviews Don Tyson School of Innovation student, Litokwa Tomeing. Litokwa Tomeing talks about his film on the nuclear testing that happened in Bikini Atoll.

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Ep105: Springdale School Marshallese Scholarship Fund

Anita Iban and Kimberly Muller discuss the Marshallese Scholarship Fund that has been going since 2014.

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Ep104: Romiana Jorkan Wins In The 2021-2022 Grand Lodge Americanism Essay Contest

We recognize Romiana Jorkan for winning in the 2021-2022 Grand Lodge Americanism Essay Contest. Jerramon Romiana im jerammon nan aelop! Stay tuned for next weeks episode.

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Ep103: Students at Archer Learning Center Create Marshallese Stick Charts

Ms. Basky and her students have been working on Marshallese stick charts and many more. Such as, a Marshallese edpuzzle, informative article specifically about the Marshallese Springdale. They even read a myth/legend and a poem written by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner.

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Ep102: Har-Ber High School East Students Create Trilingual Books

Marshallese TV interviews students from Mr. Mill's East class at Har-Ber High School about the Trilingual books they are creating.

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Ep101: Important Message To All Parents About ELPA & ACT Aspire

Marshallese Tv brings a very important message for all parents and students in the Springdale School District. Testing season is here! Here are some helpful tips Mrs.Anita gives us in Marshallese for our parents and students to prepare for the ELPA and ACT Test.

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Ep100: Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese Tutoring Program

On this episode of Marshallese Tv, we have Tyler Norwood from ACOM (Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese) . Tyler gives us detail about ACOM's tutoring program. He tells us how students can sign up for it and what school subjects he helps them on and many more!

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Ep99: Meet Oprah Eknar, Marshallese Liaison at Archer Learning Center

Marshallese Tv interviews Oprah Eknar. Oprah Eknar is a Springdale School District Marshallese liaison at Archer Learner Center. Oprah Eknar talks about the love she has for Archer Learning Center and how she helps out with our Marshallese students and Marshallese parents.

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Ep98: National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week! Marshallese Tv wants to give a big Thank You to all of our counselors for the hard work they do! Today, we have one of our counselors, Mr. French, counselor at Archer Learning Center. He talks about how he helps our students and even gives some positive words to our other counselors!

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Ep97: What is Marshallese TV?

On this episode of Marshallese Tv, Anita Iban interviews our Marshallese Tv producer, Rosana Anitok. Anita Iban and Rosana Anitok gives us detail about what Marshallese Tv does, where it happens, and when it goes out.

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Ep96: Marshallese Educational Initiative Helps Out Students with Financial Aid Part 2

Marshallese Tv interviews another MEI staff, Marcina Langrine. Marcina tells us what students need to bring when they go fill out their Financial Aid application.

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Ep95: Marshallese Educational Initiative Helps Out Students with Financial Aid

Marshallese Tv interviews MEI Staff, Benetick Maddison. Benetick talks about how MEI helps out our youths with filling out their Financial Aid and so many other things that involves college.

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Ep94: General Eldon Alik | Speaks on Medicaid and School

In this part of the interview General Eldon talks about medicaid in our community. He also says some stuff about parents and students having to be on time. He gives out some advice to encourage our students. Not only our students, but also our parents.

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Ep93: General Eldon Alik | Marshallese Scholarship at NWTI

A conversation with General Eldon Alik. In this part of the interview, General Eldon gives us a little update on NWTI and even talks about the Marshallese Scholarship there!

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Ep92: General Eldon Alik | Update on the Marshallese Community

Here we are again with Eldon Alik updating us on what's going on in the Marshallese Community. Stay tuned for the other parts ! He will be talking about scholarships, medicaid, and also giving our students and parents advice about school!

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Ep91: Bilingual Book Editing

Springdale High School and Har-ber High School Bilingual Service Learning students have been working with Elmdale, George, and Sonora Elementary students this semester, teaching them literacy & language-learning skills. Marshallese Tv interviews four students from SHS, explaining what this class is for and they even talk about what their books are about!

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Anita Iban interviews Matthew John from TASC, Teen Action and Support Center. Matthew John talks gives us some detail TASC and also talks about some goals for our youths.

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Ep89: Monitor Elementary's 2021 ACT Aspire Scores

On this Episode of Marshallese Tv, Anita Iban interviews Principal Acuff and two students from Monitor Elementary. Monitor Elementary was one of the 11 Springdale schools that were recognized for their high growth on the ACT Aspire Test and on this episode, they discuss about it.

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Ep88: Chase Harvey's Latest East Project

5th grader at Bayyari, Chase Harvey, did just that with his latest EAST project! His EAST teacher challenged them to start with the school community and identify a problem within their building and seek to come up with a solution.

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SPECIAL: Recap Special - Let's Look Back!

Here is a short recap video of all our episodes we got out this month! Please watch the full episodes on our youtube channel and our facebook page!

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Ep87: Kathy Yamane Wins 1st Place: Broadcast Feature Story "My Bubu's Island"

On this weeks episode, we have Kathy Yamane, a Springdale High School Junior student. In this episode, she talks about the video she has created that is based on the Bikini Atoll.

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Ep86: Mini Library for Marshallese Churches in Springdale from the Fierce Female Leadership Group

On this weeks episode of Marshallese Tv, our host Anita Iban interviews Hannah Mhoon and Nelisia Mejbon. Our Springdale High School teacher, Hannah Mhoon and her group of girls who are called "Fierce Female Leadership Group" have come up with something amazing for our Marshallese Community. Nelisia Mejbon is one of them. In this episode, Hannah Mhoon and Nelisia Mejbon explains about the "Mini Library" project they have been doing for our Marshallese Community.

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Ep85: A Conversation with SHS Islander Club Students

On this weeks episode of Marshallese Tv, Mrs.Anita Iban is with a few Islander Club students from Springdale High School. They talk about what activities they're involved in, what their future goal is, and how they can encourage other students.

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Ep84: Springdale Family Literacy Program

On this weeks episode of Marshallese Tv, Anita Iban Tomeing gives us information about the Springdale Family Literacy Program in Marshallese.

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Ep83: Become A Sub In Springdale!

On this weeks episode of Marshallese Tv, Mrs. Anita Iban gives us information on Springdale Public Schools hiring substitutes.

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Ep82: Springdale School District Now Hiring Bus Drivers

On this weeks episode of Marshallese Tv, Mrs. Anita Iban brings us information about Springdale School District hiring bus drivers.

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Ep81: Last Part of Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022

Mrs. Anita brings us the ending of the Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022.

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Ep80: Part 2 of Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022

Mrs. Anita Iban brings us more information from the Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022 in Marshallese.

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Ep79: Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022 Part 1

Anita Iban has brought us some important information about the Ready For Learning Plan 2021-2022 in Marshallese. Please listen for all the important informations! There are more coming!

Season 3


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Ep78: Westwood Elementary East Project

Join Kim Muller as she interviews two students from Westwood Elementary East program. Julia Penaflor and Chole Glynn, both 5th graders at Westwood Elementary, are the designers of adaptive scissors for their client a pre-schooler at the Children's Therapy Team in Fayetteville AR. After studying the video of their client cutting with scissors they noticed that although there was weakness in their client's thumb his palm was strong.

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Ep77: General Eldon Alik

Today on Marshallese Tv, we have Anita Iban and Faith Laukon. Faith Laukon talks about the food pantry that is available for everybody.

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Ep76: Interview with Faith Laukon

Today on Marshallese Tv, we have Anita Iban and Faith Laukon. Faith Laukon talks about the food pantry that is available for everybody.

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Ep75: Springdale Schools Migrant Program

Here is Anita Iban interviewing one of the migrant tutors from the Springdale Schools Migrant Program , Mary Kate Wimberly. Mrs. Anita Iban asks Mrs.Wimberly several questions about the Migrant program and also talks about the last quarter of school!

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Ep74: Interview with Carlnis Jerry, M.E.I. Director

Today on Marshallese Tv, we have Anita Iban and Faith Laukon. Faith Laukon talks about the food pantry that is available for everybody.

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Ep73: Why is ELD important? & Recap of February School Board Meeting

Why is ELD important? & Recap of February School Board Meeting

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Ep72: Kindergarten Registration

Join us this week as Kim Muller explains the process of Kindergarten Registration

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Ep71: The Importance of English Language Development Pt. 1

ESL programs have changed a lot over the last few decades. There’s less of a stigma around being an English learner. Bilingualism is an asset and our department encourages you to continue to speak, read and write your native language with your children. We want to explain how we teach English learners the language of English while they are also learning to read, write, and do math & science in English.

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Ep70: School Board Series Part 2

On this week's episode of Marshallese TV we will talk about "School Board: What All Parents Need To Know" and if you missed this month's school board meeting we'll tell you what you missed.

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Ep69: School Board: What All Parents Need To Know

Parents, how familiar are you with the school board? Today in Marshallese Tv we will talk about "School Board: What All Parents Need To Know"

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Ep68: Connection Corner

Connection corner is a segment produced by Caty & Lindsay at Elmdale Elementary. Their videos focus on socio-emotional development and provides a foundation for safe and positive learning.

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Ep67: Give Thanks, Not COVID

Wiik in ilo “ Marshallese TV”elmdale nurse eo ekar kemleleiki eddo ko an juon armej ilo ien holidays kein, im Dustin Mapes ekar koono kin pirojek eo ekaal naetan ‘cancel covid’. aolep melele kein renaaj wanlontak ilo "marshallese tv."

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Ep66: Personal Responsibility & Google Classroom Tutorial for Parents

Mottan eo an wiik in ilo “marshallese tv,” nooj eo jen hunt elementary ej konono nan kij kin eddo ko an juon armij make. Bareinwot ewi jonan jela eo arro ikkijien google classroom? Jab inebata, ilo jejjo minit jen kio kem naaj komelele im kwalok wawein makitkit ilowaan kein katak in.

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Ep65: Trivia & Remote Learning

Wiik in ilo “ Marshallese TV” Rijikuul ro jen George junior high rej bok kwonaer ilo konono drikdrik ko raurok nan allon in kautiej manit in an hispanic, bareinwot juon enaan jen superintendent eo ad dr. Jared cleveland kin remote learning ak ekatak jen kabijuknen ak jabrewot jikin ijelokin mwon jikuul eo.

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Ep64: Hispanic Heritage Month Special

Wiik in ilo “ marshallese tv," Bayyari elementary ej kwalok etke ekatak kin bar juon kajin elap tokjen nan rijikuul ro, bareinwot George junior high ilo an ekatak bwebwenato in hispanic heritage month ak allon in manit an hispanic, im kem naaj kwalok jet fun fact ak kokjakjak ko remool kin allon in manit in an ri-hispanic.

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Ep63: Promoting Positive Emotions & Flu Clinics

This week in “Marshallese TV," Ozark guidance launches a new way to receive emotional and behavioral health services, also Springdale schools are holding flu immunization clinics throughout our school district, and economics Arkansas recognizes two teachers in our district.

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