Note: The contents of this web page provide possible guidelines in responding to safety-related situations. Discretion of school or emergency services personnel may supersede these guidelines.

District Safety

The Office of District Safety is committed to working with our community partners, striving to uphold Springdale Public Schools as the safest place it can be for our students, families, and staff. Safety Staff in Springdale Schools provide the following benefits for our students and staff:

  1. Physical safety - Ensuring that schools are safe and secure environments is critical to protecting students from physical harm. This includes measures such as emergency preparedness plans, fire safety, and security systems to prevent acts of violence and other dangerous incidents.

  2. Emotional safety - A safe and supportive learning environment is essential for students to feel secure and confident. This includes addressing bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and promoting positive relationships among students and staff.

  3. Mental health - A safe and supportive school environment can help students manage stress and other mental health concerns, which in turn can positively impact their academic performance.

  4. Student learning - A safe and secure school environment is crucial for students to focus on learning and reaching their full academic potential. When students feel safe and secure, they are more likely to attend school regularly and be engaged in the learning process.

By prioritizing safety in our schools, Springdale Schools provide a positive and supportive learning environment that promotes student success and well-being.

Safe & Drug Free Schools

Springdale Public School District is committed to providing the leadership to keep youth safe, alcohol, tobacco and drug free. Programs to promote youth development, resiliency, buffers, protective factors, and assets are also part of this effort. Programs or activities will:

  • be based on an assessment of objective data, such as that obtained in implementation of the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (APNA), regarding the incidence of violence and illegal drug use in the schools and communities to be served.

  • be based on an established set of performance measures such as School Health Index (SHI), Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS), and APNA to ensure that schools and community to be served have a safe, orderly and drug free learning environment.

  • be based on scientifically based research demonstrating that the program to be used will reduce violence and illegal drug use. See Attachment A for detail district programs offered by school counselors and Attachment B for district health education programs.

  • be based on an analysis of the data, of the prevalence of risk factors, protective factors, buffers, assets, or other variables identified through APNA.

  • include meaningful and ongoing consultation with and input from parents through implementation of Springdale Public Schools Coordinated School Health Initiative.

Safety Files

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