Bayyari Elementary Earns Highly Effective Schools Accreditation

Bayyari Elementary School has earned the Highly Effective Schools Accreditation.

“We are extremely honored for this recognition," said Mary Mullican, Bayyari Elementary School principal. "This award reinforces the hard work, dedication and commitment of our school's staff, teachers, district administrators, School Board members, students and parents to maintain a high standard of education and academic excellence.”

The accreditation is awarded by Solution Tree, a professional learning company.

The school earned the accreditation by maintaining and growing identified areas that have the biggest impact on student learning and growth. These areas are directly aligned to the Professional Learning Communities at Work process and the High Reliability Schools framework.

"This accreditation aligns strongly with the PLC process work we have implemented at Bayyari and the recognition we have received from the state and Solution Tree on student achievement," Mullican said.

PLCs are schools and districts that recognize the key to improved learning for students is ongoing, job-embedded professional learning for educators.

The complementary HRS framework serves as a long-term strategic planning tool that guides school improvement in the five key areas of safe, supportive and collaborative cultures; effective teaching in every classroom; guaranteed and viable curriculum; standards-referenced reporting; and competency-based education.

“Being recognized as a Highly Effective School creates a sense of accomplishment, fosters a positive learning environment and encourages continuous improvement and innovation within Bayyari Elementary," Mullican said.

Cameron L. Rains, Solution Tree Strategic Initiatives vice president, commended the the school for achieving the designation and going the extra mile for the learners they serve.

"In order to receive Highly Effective Schools Accreditation, schools must put a laser-like focus on the things that really matter and make a difference for students," he said. "We commend Bayyari Elementary School for achieving this designation and for going the extra mile for the learners they serve.”

George Elementary School and Don Tyson School of Innovation also earned the accreditation in the 2022-23 school year.