Students in Springdale schools rank No. 1 in the region in grade level advancement over a 12-month period. That means Springdale students make greater academic advances from one year to the next than students attending the other public school districts in Washington and Benton Counties.
This news comes from the 2018 Northwest Arkansas Report Card issued by the Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas.
The report explains the amount students increase their achievement scores from year to year – what it calls “student growth scores” – is the most important measure of school quality.
Springdale schools far surpass those in neighboring Bentonville, Rogers and Fayetteville when it comes to student growth scores. Twenty-three Springdale schools rank in the top 25% statewide while 15 of those same schools rank among the state’s top 10% in this vitally important category.
Bentonville Schools have only nine schools in the top 25% with five in the state’s top 10% while Rogers has eight schools in the top 25% and three in the top 10%. Fayetteville has only two elementary schools ranked in the top 25% in the state.
Springdale’s robust student achievement is magnified when you consider the other major school districts have significantly fewer students facing the same socioeconomic challenges as our students. While 70% of students in the Springdale School District are eligible for free and reduced lunches, only 55% of Rogers students, 37% of Fayetteville students, and 23% of Bentonville students are eligible.
The bottom line? The Springdale School District is taking year-to-year student learning to a new level of achievement in Northwest Arkansas.